The river that flows through the soul

It strings hard wired to my DNA

The drums to my heart beat

The power of words;

There’s something for everyone.

When all seems lost and sadness beckons

Music remains

Those words, drums, kicks and sneers

Overwhelming like the phantom Oprah

Send chills up my spine.

Music, ignites the body

Music, fine tunes memories

True music has no beginning

True music has no end

True music is in our heart

True music lives within us.

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Inspired By @adebuzz4u
Edited By @adebuzz4u


with our ink…..

Writing opens a window to the soul
Writing gives us wings
Writing elevates the spirit
Writing un-hinges our thought
one min you are in the Caribbean
next min you are sailing across the milky way
cutting through time at the speed of sound
creating the events fiction and unreal
accessing memories locked away in our minds, the safest vault of all
writing can be a roller coaster of emotion
love, pain, confusion and ecstasy
but all together overwhelming and engaging
an out of body experience
sending shock waves down your spine
who says you cant dream while you are awake?
i do it with my pen

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