For the love of N20

Driving home after a hard day at work, it was 9pm and I expected the road home to be a race track for Need For Speed. Only to find myself stuck in traffic for over ¾ of the journey no thanks to our Never effective police force doing what they know how to do best …..yeah u guessed right mounting ROAD BLOCKS aka OGA WETIN U CARRY.

Am starting to guess even if police men were paid assassin salaries they would still fall back to their road block habits. The FG and IG repeatedly rebuke check points in the past but the check point business seem to be growing stronger with the police men upgrading from wood and tires to metallic barricades. Some policemen even abandon their jurisdiction to mount road block in another e.g  u shouldn’t be surprised to find a police man detailed to a police station in Aguda Surulere at a check point in lagos island .

We have a truck load of notorious check points in lagos and from my experience with plenty night trips I’ll try my best to list a few.

  • Falomo under bridge
  • Amadu bello (before the military barracks )
  • Eko hotel round about
  • Stadium – beside the teslim balogun stadium
  • Opposite bar beach
  • Ikeja – everywhere in ikeja **the area with the highest amount of check points**

The lists of the road blocks are endless and the indiscriminate use of the road blocks posse security treats to lives and property.  It won’t surprise you to know that some of this police men don’t even know what they are looking for when they stop a vehicle. They take on the jobs of LASMA , Road Safty , VIO etc . I was stopped some weeks back and the police man asked for my 3rd party insurance despite seeing my comprehensive insurance stating that the comprehensive was for me and the 3rd party for lagos state ….i didn’t know if he was joking or just playing stupid for N20 .. I had to beg and give them N100 cause people get shot all in the name of N20 and the cops get away in the name of accidental discharge or even parade the victims as armed robbers

We need a lasting solution to this madness , the police is to protect life and property not harass and cause menace


you are welcome to share your experiences , possible solution etc 

By midevodka

3 comments on “For the love of N20

  1. Nigeria, we hail, its not just in lagos, its all over south west I guess, there was a day during my law school in kano, my friends and I decided we were coming to lagos by road, all through our journey to abuja, we didn’t have to pay a dime to the officers on the way only to get to Ondo state and we were stopped, all of us in d car were lawyers in equity and then someone made a remark that police officers r corrupt in d south west compared to the north, we laughed n d guy was infuriated, he started asking for stuffs like fire extinguisher and the likes, we eventually had to come down n talk to him b4 he let us go.
    A friend in d car now related what happened to his own friend with police officers at aguda, surulere too, he said d guy had carried his girlfriend n her friends earlier that day and while one was using her white powder, some slipped on d seat, d police officer after asking for d guy’s particulars and seeing there was nothing to nail him, saw d powder, tasted it and shouted that it was cocaine, and took d guy to their station, d guy had to pay his way out.

  2. I wrote this on my blog the other day about the Nigeria police:

    Robbers commissioned by the State
    To hold arms and beg for arms
    a cause for the next generation
    a curse to this nation.

    Their vest the brooding the stench of
    the squeezed out 20 naira notes
    from dirty sweaty palms
    Of illiterate danfo drivers

    lawless men, with duty
    to instill the law
    on the innocent

    The curse of today
    the cause for the discerning
    because of the tomorrow.

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