Now is the TIME

I once was told

I was the leader of tomorrow

But after 10,000 tomorrows that day is yet to arrive

Our fathers have refused us our birth right

Our fathers have all forgotten the pledge

They have decided to serve their pocket with all their strength

As they divide our unity

Dragging our country down the drain as they smile to the bank

We the youths watch in silence as we are used and moved like pawns

Fighting, Rigging and Bombing

Just to accomplish their political ambitions

But all that must end

We must rise from the ashes like the phoenix

and greater heights we must attain

Now is the time

Now its all must change

Now we all must make our voices heard

All we want is food, water, good road and quality education

Our leaders have followed their path

And our fathers refused to act

We would refused to be used

No more suffering & agonizing

No more waiting on never ending false promises

This time we must RISE as 1

This time we must PUSH

This time we must CONQUER

The Future is NOW

By midevodka

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