Metal Sheets

Under the sheets

Fingers so slick

You glide through the right places

No border Lines

No winners

No losers

Not too fast, I don’t need a bolt

Not too slow, I might fall asleep

All I want is that you keep up

Yes …. that’s it …lets wake up the neighbors

Who needs the bed, when we can make the floor rock

Missionary is old school

Let’s making our own Kama sutra manual

Twisting and turning

Giggling and moaning

We are under the sheets and you are killing me

Bury you fangs in

Crazy sensation am feeling like a grenade

Heartbeat racing irregularly

Somebody call 911

But just so you know I ain’t giving up till

I crash and burn

I love my car and all we do is ride or die.

By midevodka

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