Kiss in D Rain

walking home after the movies

stuck in the rain

body wet and shivering but we didn’t care

i looked into your eyes

the moment was right

the world bright with the spark in your eyes

time stopped as you

leaned over to kiss me

i felt my knees go weak

nothing else mattered as you

leaned over and kissed me

your lips so soft and red like cherry

So sweet they taste like candy

my eyes now tight shut

as i pressed my lips gently to yours

kissing with passion and fire

your nipples so hard it flips my switch

seducing my mind and winning my body

your heart beating in my chest

With every beat, time stood still

Our hearts beating as 1, i tried to hold back

but all i wanted was to be kissed

to be kissed by you.

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32 comments on “Kiss in D Rain

  1. You never cease to amaze me. This is what im talking about. The intensity is felt by the reader as well. I love the subject and the angle too. I must hand it to you…this is Awesome! keep it up.

  2. …awesome! had to take it in a little deep then oops! I become alert n I imagine how many bottles I have made feel that way… I get a little metaphorical with it n I see that hmmm… this is a deep writer.

  3. Hmmmmmm…. Iv always said it dt d KISS does it all! Tells u wen ur gonna av sex,if ur gonna tk it dt far.. Once d kiss is wrong,no party is gettn ne o! 😉

  4. Kissing can be such a deep experience, especially the first kiss. Nice piece Mide, I think this really captured the essence of the whole mood. 🙂

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