In a world of balance

Good and evil

Friends and snakes

Witchcraft and miracles

Lovers and haters

Saints and sinners

Cats and dogs

Demons and angels

We strive to believe that Good always prevails

But we crucify others for crimes we endlessly have committed

The audacity of hope

The endless battle of self-righteousness

But still no body holy pass

In my opinion there is as much evil in this world as good

There is no sitting on the fence

As our conscience is the judge we all must kill to cross the thin line between good and evil

Kindly drop your Comments below
Inspired By @olammide

By midevodka

7 comments on “YING YANG

  1. Nice writing. If our conscience was the judge, there probably won’t be any definite line between good and evil. Most of us will all end up drawing our own lines, making our stay on the good side as permanent as possible, while eliminating a cross over. Eventually the line between good and evil will cease to exist for the endless battle of self-righteousness is a battle where good is losing to evil.

  2. Well said man, self-righteousness is sumfing we’d ever strive for, its d only reason y we criticise people,even when we’re not any beta…

  3. Someone already mentioned it… If our conscience is the sole judge, we make where the thin line is.. The grey lines wont be so evident anymore, it is good or evil and we all know no one wants to acknowledge the unspoken evil, it is what my conscience makes of it…. Judge me not for I dont see it the way you do!!

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