Walk a mile in my skinnies

Wake up to the freshness of the morning

Spending countless mins combing the d perfect match for the day

After endless hours of shopping for that inch perfect pair of pants

The royal swag of the purple colored shirt

thinking about the occasion, the weather and how I want to feel

A feeling of higher inner awakening

A feeling of pure royalty

As I embrace my feminine side

I flaunt what I have as I feel bright n sharp

As I have learnt to love myself from within

Although confusing to d naked eye as my sexuality is often in question

Fear not as I am as straight as a ruler and as big as a dildo

The Guys cant stand us cos the don’t understand us

The ladies want to be around  and their curiosity drowns us

but i love to appreciate art with a savior taste for good sex , wine and music

yes that’s who i am ….meet d Metro-sexual

Kindly drop your Comments below
Inspired By @msdang
Edited By @captain steaze


27 comments on “Walk a mile in my skinnies

  1. Lol. I know I am d inspiration for this piece. Yay me! =Dº°˚˚˚°ºНAĦAНAº°˚˚˚°º‎​=)) at d dildo metaphor though. Nice one metro-man :-* 😉

  2. Good piece.”Although confusing to d naked eye as my sexuality is often in question

    F”but seriously how are we supposed to diffentiate especially now dat most guys r embracing their femine side.

  3. m’ readin dis nd smillin to maself…ur femilin side, dat i c clearli, bt dam rite ur straight…….vein mentain ur egoristic values which so such a guy fin.

    the royal swag of d purple colourd shirt!
    purple itself bein royal in nature
    i put on 4 dis!

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