with our ink…..

Writing opens a window to the soul
Writing gives us wings
Writing elevates the spirit
Writing un-hinges our thought
one min you are in the Caribbean
next min you are sailing across the milky way
cutting through time at the speed of sound
creating the events fiction and unreal
accessing memories locked away in our minds, the safest vault of all
writing can be a roller coaster of emotion
love, pain, confusion and ecstasy
but all together overwhelming and engaging
an out of body experience
sending shock waves down your spine
who says you cant dream while you are awake?
i do it with my pen

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Edited By @RealistXX


24 comments on “with our ink…..

  1. words are like the wind,
    the very air we breath,
    the essence of existence,
    the path to one’s destiny,
    the meaning of life,
    the end of life.

    good work Sweets!

  2. Writing helps to express those
    Things we can’t say… Emotions tend
    to get in d way wen we try.
    Y’all shuld try writing often
    (Stuff you find hard to say)
    Its works!
    *peace out*

  3. dis i knw is so soso true…..i dnt gt to write dat offen bt wen i gt to, i find out dat i tend to let ma heart flow more lke i can keep on goin, no need to aske if am makin sence or nt bt jst keep on keepin on,nd da funny thin is dat wen doin dis u re in a state of mind dat onli u can understand bt in a way ur pen is linked to ur totswhich performs da act of translatin it in black nd white.bt u knw wat…da best part is wen u nw go back nd rip da reword of da act of writin….whch is relivin da feelin of how u felt wen writin be it sad,subber or amazin!

  4. …words!
    the capture of mental graphics
    give me pictures
    i’ll give you words
    if words pains
    you than sticks
    then, you are

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