it all starts with the window shopping
ohh look a lil’ closer

did the armani frames just wink at u

the sparkle on the gold necklace
or the smell of fresh fabric

just a lil’ closer
go ahead just a touch won’t kill
you can picture yourself in that all black combo
the fine chick can’t stop starring ‘cos you r hot and she knows it

yes , suddenly u feel it in ur veins
you dash down to the counter to pay
you say to yourself its expensive
but i’ll survive even if its on a garium sulfide diet

and finally you climax , walking out of the shop

big smile , chest out n head held high
victorious like u have just won the battle of troy
5mins later u get  a debit notification from ur bank

slowly but surely reality creeps in and you feel stupid

shredding ur ATM card and swearing never to let it happen again

wait a min you are right back where it started harmlessly starring at another Prada shoe ….

Kindly drop your Comments below
Edited By @didaress

By midevodka

17 comments on “Shopaholic

  1. So true Mide……especially d ladies (we luv our shoes).Shop when am happy,sad,emotional,just passed an exam.Its an endless feeling ma dear!its like asking when a guy luvs 2 smoke or have Sex……..unxplainable.God help us all.Gd stuff Bro

  2. Men u r so finished!
    If it keeps up u just might sell ur soul to da devil for anoda prada or gucci or channel or armami.
    Tread wit caution or else

  3. Reminds me of the movie’confessions of a shopaholic’…..very srs problem,thank God I don’t v it.all in all its a nice piece of work,mide.kip it up.I lurv writers.

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