Women lie, Men Lie
We all have it hardwired into our DNA
We lie to get accepted
We lie to escape punishment
We even lie to make new friends
But the greatest lie of all is that told to self
Repeating a lie does not make it true
But it makes it believable enough for even the liar to fall prey to his own lies

If you ever wish to strengthen a lie mix a little truth
But a half lie still is a lie

A lie is ugly without doubt
But so can be the truth
In the end whether black, white, or elephant, a lie is a lie

17 comments on “Pinocchio

  1. So true.Its so amazing how one can get so comfy with lies all in the name of giving a constructive answer or being professional.

  2. ♥ this cos one thing that I really can’t stand № matter who you are is a liar! It repulses me greatly!!! “There’s № little lie or great lie”

  3. I would tell a lil’ white lie to save my life. Not that I don’t feel bad, but sometimes we all have to. Some are lies, other are stuff we have to say to other people jus so they can hear what they want to hear. Nice one dear!

  4. Nice one! i always say “no matter what it is, always ALWAYS stick close enough to the truth….one lie just leads to another…and another…and…you just may start believing the lies sef..

  5. To be honest for every lie I tell… I get scared. No matter how much I try, it’s ineveitable. Thank God for prayers sha *sigh. Nice post dear!

  6. Nice one! No matter what, A Lie remains what it is: A LIE. Not trying to justify lying but when people say they can’t stand liars, I wonder if they too are saints and don’t lie at all. The truth is, we all lie and it takes only the Grace of God to stop it. May God help us.

  7. Lol! This reminds me of my white lie post. Yea a lie is still a lie whether its told for the “general good”. Personally I used to lie cos of fear n I didn’t want pipl looking @ me in a certain way bt I lived a lie that ended up terribly n I decided there was no one worth lying for. I don’t remember th last time I lied. If u don’t like what I’ve gotta say then u can climb on a metal pole n move up n down. I ain’t lying for nobody :). I like.

  8. …When you are not near there but just on your way and still you say you will soon be there
    – is still a lie…
    sometimes a lie creates a temporary ‘peace’ door

  9. yes a lie is a lie….bt u knw da 1 lie dat piss d F out off me, the 1 dat goes like dis,actualli2 lies,here dey go…….”i dont lie”they end up bein da best liers u’ll ever met!cnstantlli @ it,cant help it,dnt even knw wen dey do it.its jst in their makin,like u said, in da DNA!den d second “am a lauzi lier”!dis ones also trun to be badass gud @ it, indirectli given demselves da credit or dey dnt jst gt lucky wen sellin it off!but da thin is, a lie is a lie! even i lie,who DOESNT!

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