To ba Fe mi

Just like the truth, love hurts

its sting sometimes lasting for eternity

we find ways to accept our own flaws and faults

but find it hard to swallow the past and wrongs of our lover

love is a feeling all encompassing

the quick rush, the butterflies, the cravings
but wait, that’s only just the good side

it also brings jealousy, insecurity, and anger
true love is not bliss

it is a constant struggle for perfection

loving me would mean treating my flaws as yours

And embracing my past so we can seek a future

take me as I am
be my friend
be my freak

be my forever

Edited by: Bem

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23 comments on “To ba Fe mi

  1. i’ve been singing & listening to the Saturdays – missing you…

    i have got this idea that true love can’t be reached till we get rid of our selfish nature
    …. that true love grows… it grows out of the jealousy,the insecurity, the anger and morphs into bliss
    … and then all this is just my idea may be i am only dreaming it

  2. Beautiful piece, and it makes logical sense in a way that who ever connects to the piece finds the truth (the love) beautiful yet petrifying to the core in most cases. I love it, nice 1

  3. Mide, you are truly gifted. I like the “be my friend, be my freak” part tho. Thats deep, boo.
    Love is something most people will spend an eternity tryna understand. xXx.

  4. True stowii yea…
    “loving me would mean treating my flaws as yours”
    that seems to be d hard part if u ask me.
    Looks like wat a guy about propose wuld say to a lady πŸ™‚ … I guess.

  5. Love is all of this but love is such a beautiful thing. Having someone to share your imperfections with. Unconditionally!

    There’s nothing like it when its right.

  6. I Think u’re a wonderful poet n wat u write about love is not only on point but it speaks 2 romantics n lunatics! Love can make pple do crazy things. Sum1 in love can b compared 2 a person in d psych ward if d love is true.
    P.S: I dnt have 2 a freak 2 luv u! *wink*

  7. dis is so sweet! love s 1 thin dat shakes me da most nd is also d 1 thin dat i long 4 so muc i think is sick!so grate is da word so enormous is da act an still so vry rear to come is talkin nt tellin,love is listenin nt hearin,love is bein nt feelin,love is smillin yes, yet in da face of no,love is everything it claims to be nt wat we interpret it to dis brings me to ask, once u fall in love ,can u fall out of it?

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