The Art of Flirting

flirting the game only 2 can play

the game for the tactful and the skilled

a wink here , a hi there, and a subtle touch there…works like magic

a game initiated by the smallest of compliments and holiest of intents

a game of fewer words and hidden body language

a game enjoyed for the thrill of seduction and amusement

can also lead to the hottest sex ever imagined

it’s a kill or be killed affair

the hunter may easily become prey

a game so delicate and gentle

flirting without intention swings like a double-edged sword

Indian, Negro or Caucasian

flirting is universal

even though the actions vary from culture to culture

the rules of engagement are clear

Kindly drop your Comments below

Edited By BEM

By midevodka

16 comments on “The Art of Flirting

  1. Really nyc mide…it is ever so subtle though,the switch from hunter to prey,sometimes it leaves d hunter still confident he’s doin d hunting,totally oblivious 2 d fact that he’s now d prey.

  2. My new bestie/drunk man cn act write… Damn am impressd… Words r on Point… Am ashamd I cnt write
    Flirtn I kw wr I stand

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