Cause of Death L.O.V.E

On a Sunday nite jst after d bay d cops find me stone cold wit a note in my pocket
a bullet hole, multiple stab wounds .

All in the name of love!
If you ask me love is equal to trust.
can u love someone completely without trusting completely?
no. that would be blind trust (what we all know as one chance)
they say love is blind – acting the fool, fools falling in love. we all don turn Maga.
You say he’s just a random guy, but your friends tell me different.
then u say you wanted to use him to spite me.
it worked.
but i think dat’s where your hands got stuck to the scooby snacks.
everytime i think about you and him, i tell myself that there’s a perfect explanation.
all lies. ow can i love u if i can’t trust u?
but tonite, im standing here…totally heartlesss, cos guess wat?
my heart did’nt make it through last night. it was buried.
I slit my wrist when your love cldnt kill me fast énuf and here lies the writing on my heart’s gravesite:
cause of death – love.

Edited by Fumi Fatona

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By midevodka

5 comments on “Cause of Death L.O.V.E

  1. Hmmmmm! He prolly was jst a random guy!!..its wrong to av friends dt ‘talk’… And even worse to av a guy who listens to such friends…Trust is essential BUT hard to build! It dsnt tk 1day or sumtimes a yr! Each partner has to prove demselves and a ‘pass or fail’ is based/judged based on each person’s xperiences! No one measure is used to measure trust…So as it is,she was hurt and wantd to hurt u! Dt in itself shows some kinda luv tho interpreted/shown wrongly!…
    we accuse others/suspect others based on wat we ourselves r capable of..
    …And who knows! He prolly was just some Random Guy!!!..

  2. I agree wiv yanks “…And who knows! He prolly was just some Random Guy!!! Like I wld alwais say patience is a virtue! U neva knw if ur assumptns might b wrong.

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