its complicated

We hear but we don’t listen 
like an illusion 
LOVE ….the word is seeming confusion 
mama told me, fall in love wit your friend
Papa said, dont use your heart,love with you head
was told never to make love with a friend…(bad for business)
as long as the earth stays in motion
love is not a forever promise
love turns hate 
friends turn snakes
its all the same to me 
make a stranger ur lover 
fall in love then u find a beast 
heart torn to shreads
u r falling so fast 
wait a min cloud 9 was barely moments ago 
now u fight to hold on to memories that 1ce were 
when it all comes down
love hurts & like everything in life
it doesnt last for ever 
Thats the way love goes 

                                            Kindly drop your Comments below 

                                                                                                                                    Edited By BEM

By midevodka

16 comments on “its complicated

  1. Love does hurt,just like everything else that involves another person, another Human!….But! Love ur friend! Its easier to remain friends if u do! Iv loved strangers who av turned friends and we av remained freinds even after d ‘love’ has gone sour…Key thing! Love with an Open mind! Learn also from those you love…and wen love goes sour, Forgive and move on! It may not be easy mostimes BUT it is do-able..

    I luv love! I tell pple to feel love! Love with ur heart and keep an open mind….

  2. Niceeeee! I like! my fav line “love is not a forever promise” I totally agree with that but as yanks said.. when the love has gone sour, friendship is important!…sick sick sick!! i love!!!

  3. nice piece, lesson learnt: Love stings
    After a while, hold on to the sweet days
    Cos after that all you’ll have left
    Is once upon a time.

  4. Hmm,true talk!! D chase is always fun bt d catch can be boring!!always enjoy it while it lasts cos u neva knw wats gonna happen d nxt minute..kip it up bro,I lik dt!!

  5. “..wait a min cloud 9 was barely moments ago
    now u fight to hold on to memories that 1ce were
    when it all comes down…”
    My favorite lines…

    No matter how sour love turns, I found that love lasts forever…I let it! Like Yanks said, “Love with ur heart and keep an open mind…” Life is waaaaay easier that way..

  6. Wonder if any of u really knows what love means. When you find out let me know. But in truth, everything in life comes full circle. Remember that!

  7. Strangers r simply friends we’v nt met,so love away though it might last foreva,bt u can always find a way to mk it last for the moment

  8. I know what love is but I havn’t fully experienced it and papa was wrong lol, don’t love with ur head cos then it’s not love but a game cos u have to rationalize everything but love flows and defy’s logic. Mama was sure right though, about falling in-love with ur friend, Yanks has said why.

    I feel the emotion in this piece and sometimes I think too that love doesn’t last forever, but I’d give anything to feel it even for one sec cos it’s the sweetest feeling ever.

    Great piece darling.

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