For the love of N20

Driving home after a hard day at work, it was 9pm and I expected the road home to be a race track for Need For Speed. Only to find myself stuck in traffic for over ¾ of the journey no thanks to our Never effective police force doing what they know how to do best …..yeah u guessed right mounting ROAD BLOCKS aka OGA WETIN U CARRY.

Am starting to guess even if police men were paid assassin salaries they would still fall back to their road block habits. The FG and IG repeatedly rebuke check points in the past but the check point business seem to be growing stronger with the police men upgrading from wood and tires to metallic barricades. Some policemen even abandon their jurisdiction to mount road block in another e.g  u shouldn’t be surprised to find a police man detailed to a police station in Aguda Surulere at a check point in lagos island .

We have a truck load of notorious check points in lagos and from my experience with plenty night trips I’ll try my best to list a few.

  • Falomo under bridge
  • Amadu bello (before the military barracks )
  • Eko hotel round about
  • Stadium – beside the teslim balogun stadium
  • Opposite bar beach
  • Ikeja – everywhere in ikeja **the area with the highest amount of check points**

The lists of the road blocks are endless and the indiscriminate use of the road blocks posse security treats to lives and property.  It won’t surprise you to know that some of this police men don’t even know what they are looking for when they stop a vehicle. They take on the jobs of LASMA , Road Safty , VIO etc . I was stopped some weeks back and the police man asked for my 3rd party insurance despite seeing my comprehensive insurance stating that the comprehensive was for me and the 3rd party for lagos state ….i didn’t know if he was joking or just playing stupid for N20 .. I had to beg and give them N100 cause people get shot all in the name of N20 and the cops get away in the name of accidental discharge or even parade the victims as armed robbers

We need a lasting solution to this madness , the police is to protect life and property not harass and cause menace


you are welcome to share your experiences , possible solution etc 

By midevodka


She stands across the room

She winks, I wink back


She walks, no she glides softly by me changing night into day

She opens her mouth to speak, and so sounds ring in my head

She speaks, and I want to dance to her rhythm

She moves ever so gently, increasing my desires,

As I place my arms around her waist,

Hold and squeeze unto me,

I want to melt into her body, and discover the base of her warmth

Her beautiful black body that, no human mind could ever conceive

She’s love

She’s truth

She’s real, as real as the stars that shine in the heavens

As real as the sun that bathes her body,

As real as the moon that glows and the birds that sing and the rose

That blossoms in spring for she is that rose

And not just any rose,

But a black rose,

Black rose stands tall and stronger than any other plant

A black rose, that stands as creator, of nations of

Black rose

That never loses her petals, and blossoms all year round

Black rose,

Sweet rose,

Thornless rose

Eternal rose

Please look my way,

Please look my way

Please look my way

Black rose

By midevodka

Metal Sheets

Under the sheets

Fingers so slick

You glide through the right places

No border Lines

No winners

No losers

Not too fast, I don’t need a bolt

Not too slow, I might fall asleep

All I want is that you keep up

Yes …. that’s it …lets wake up the neighbors

Who needs the bed, when we can make the floor rock

Missionary is old school

Let’s making our own Kama sutra manual

Twisting and turning

Giggling and moaning

We are under the sheets and you are killing me

Bury you fangs in

Crazy sensation am feeling like a grenade

Heartbeat racing irregularly

Somebody call 911

But just so you know I ain’t giving up till

I crash and burn

I love my car and all we do is ride or die.

By midevodka

Now is the TIME

I once was told

I was the leader of tomorrow

But after 10,000 tomorrows that day is yet to arrive

Our fathers have refused us our birth right

Our fathers have all forgotten the pledge

They have decided to serve their pocket with all their strength

As they divide our unity

Dragging our country down the drain as they smile to the bank

We the youths watch in silence as we are used and moved like pawns

Fighting, Rigging and Bombing

Just to accomplish their political ambitions

But all that must end

We must rise from the ashes like the phoenix

and greater heights we must attain

Now is the time

Now its all must change

Now we all must make our voices heard

All we want is food, water, good road and quality education

Our leaders have followed their path

And our fathers refused to act

We would refused to be used

No more suffering & agonizing

No more waiting on never ending false promises

This time we must RISE as 1

This time we must PUSH

This time we must CONQUER

The Future is NOW

By midevodka

Kiss in D Rain

walking home after the movies

stuck in the rain

body wet and shivering but we didn’t care

i looked into your eyes

the moment was right

the world bright with the spark in your eyes

time stopped as you

leaned over to kiss me

i felt my knees go weak

nothing else mattered as you

leaned over and kissed me

your lips so soft and red like cherry

So sweet they taste like candy

my eyes now tight shut

as i pressed my lips gently to yours

kissing with passion and fire

your nipples so hard it flips my switch

seducing my mind and winning my body

your heart beating in my chest

With every beat, time stood still

Our hearts beating as 1, i tried to hold back

but all i wanted was to be kissed

to be kissed by you.

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The river that flows through the soul

It strings hard wired to my DNA

The drums to my heart beat

The power of words;

There’s something for everyone.

When all seems lost and sadness beckons

Music remains

Those words, drums, kicks and sneers

Overwhelming like the phantom Oprah

Send chills up my spine.

Music, ignites the body

Music, fine tunes memories

True music has no beginning

True music has no end

True music is in our heart

True music lives within us.

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Inspired By @adebuzz4u
Edited By @adebuzz4u


In a world of balance

Good and evil

Friends and snakes

Witchcraft and miracles

Lovers and haters

Saints and sinners

Cats and dogs

Demons and angels

We strive to believe that Good always prevails

But we crucify others for crimes we endlessly have committed

The audacity of hope

The endless battle of self-righteousness

But still no body holy pass

In my opinion there is as much evil in this world as good

There is no sitting on the fence

As our conscience is the judge we all must kill to cross the thin line between good and evil

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Inspired By @olammide

By midevodka

Walk a mile in my skinnies

Wake up to the freshness of the morning

Spending countless mins combing the d perfect match for the day

After endless hours of shopping for that inch perfect pair of pants

The royal swag of the purple colored shirt

thinking about the occasion, the weather and how I want to feel

A feeling of higher inner awakening

A feeling of pure royalty

As I embrace my feminine side

I flaunt what I have as I feel bright n sharp

As I have learnt to love myself from within

Although confusing to d naked eye as my sexuality is often in question

Fear not as I am as straight as a ruler and as big as a dildo

The Guys cant stand us cos the don’t understand us

The ladies want to be around  and their curiosity drowns us

but i love to appreciate art with a savior taste for good sex , wine and music

yes that’s who i am ….meet d Metro-sexual

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Inspired By @msdang
Edited By @captain steaze

Ocean Drive

under the ocean waves
I gallop the seaweed lanes,
I jump the coral reef,
All with no saddle or reins.
I haven’t a flowing mane,
I’ve only this horsy face,
But under the ocean waves and giggles
body wet to the scissors
The boat; she’s ready to set sail
I delay as wave after wave of body spasm travel her spine like electric eels
Her frequent screams with underlined whispers
Body reaching but hands tied
She watches me walk away

As agreed its only just a game

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Edited By Captain steaze

with our ink…..

Writing opens a window to the soul
Writing gives us wings
Writing elevates the spirit
Writing un-hinges our thought
one min you are in the Caribbean
next min you are sailing across the milky way
cutting through time at the speed of sound
creating the events fiction and unreal
accessing memories locked away in our minds, the safest vault of all
writing can be a roller coaster of emotion
love, pain, confusion and ecstasy
but all together overwhelming and engaging
an out of body experience
sending shock waves down your spine
who says you cant dream while you are awake?
i do it with my pen

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Edited By @RealistXX